Bunker Fly Patterns Catch All Species of Game Fish

Please Note: This is not a "tiers" fly this is a fishing fly! This is a simple and easy fly that is merely a bend back / Lefty's Deceiver tied with Success Flies Kinky Fiber material. I have caught a ton of stripers and blues (blue fish) on this type of fly! The synthetic material allows the fly to sink instantly and it dries out on a single back cast. The circle hook also makes the fly more weed less. These flies can be tied in a matter of minutes, so you can keep a supply of different colors and sizes in your boxes.

Here's how I do it

Step 1: Begin with an Eagle Claw # L2222 circle hook in 4/0 (or other similar circle hook). De-barb the hook (this is easier to do at the tying bench than it is on the water and if you break it here you merely need another hook and not an entire fly)  and place in the vise jaws securely. Using clear monofilament for thread lay down a base coat of thread 3/4 of the way down the hook shaft. Attach a small bunch of white (belly color) along the shaft 1/4 of the way up from the bottom of the hook bend. Secure the wraps moving toward the hook eye. Trim excess material at an angle
Step 2: Attach a small bunch of gray above the white kinky fiber. The gray should be shorter than the white by 1/4 length. I add an additional gray layer so it is double the volume of the white. Make all thread wraps forward toward the hook eye. Trim excess material as needed. Make sure the bunches of kinky fiber are close to each other and tight. Ensure that the material is not covering the eye of the hook
Step 3: Attach a bundle of olive above the gray material. The olive should be 1/4 length longer than the white and 3/4 the volume of the gray material. Ensure that the hook eye is clear and free of material. Trim excess and wrap thread forward toward the hook eye. Secure the thread with a whip finish. Glue the head with Flexament or epoxy. Ensure there is adequate ventilation when working with glue or epoxy! I add 10 MM craft eyes with a drop of Goop. Do not let the Goop touch between the eyes (this will keep the barb from coming through the material when the hook is set). I place a spot on the sides, a black strip down the back and a red strip along the hook shank using a permanent marker
Step 4: Allow the fly to dry in a well ventilated area. Once dry, comb or brush the fly to blend the kinky fiber colors together. Trim the fly to present a oval profile, like a baitfish would appear to be. Use a loop knot to add more life to the fly. I used a Tie Fast Knot Tyer to tie this loop knot. The knot allows the fly to swim with less drag and provides a greater darting action

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