A redfish fly that really puts 'em in the boat

From Fly Fish America: February, 2000 (pp 36-37)

Here is how I do it

sample imageStep 1: After securing the hook in your vise, wrap the thread onto the hook shank.

Step 2: Wrap thread forward and lay the dumbbell eyes onto the shank (Clouser style). Attach dumbbell eye by wrapping thread in figure-8 pattern around the hook shank and eyes). Secure the eyes by wrapping 6 to 8 turns between shank and eyes. Apply a generous amount of your favorite head cement (I don't recommend Zap-A-Gap because it will react with the crystal chenille that will cover the eyes.)

Step 3: Tie in a 3-inch strand of copper crystal chenille and wrap the thread forward to the back of the eyes. Wrap the chenille forward to just behind the eyes. Tie it off. Leave the remaining chenille hanging as we will use it later to wrap over the eyes.

Step 4: You will now need to turn your hook so that the hook point is facing up. Cut 8-15 (more is better in my view) strands of copper K-flash 2 1/2 to 3 inches in length. Tie in the K-flash just behind the eyes

Step 5: Cut 15 to 25 strands of copper flashabou the same length as K-flash and tie it in like the K-flash.

Step 6: Wrap your thread ahead to in front of the dumbbell eyes

Step 7: Pick up the remaining crystal chenille and wrap once or twice behind the eyes and then figure-8 the chenille over the eyes and finish by wrapping once or twice in front of the eyes. Leave yourself enough room to whip finish.

Step 8: Whip finish and apply head cement

Materials List

Hook: SC15 or SS15 1/0 or 2/0 Gamakatsu
: 6/0 Tan or Brown Unithread
: Med (6/32oz) chrome dumbbell
: Copper Flashabou
: Copper K-flash
: Copper crystal chenille
: Copper Flashabou

Authors Note: This pattern has been very effective in Green (flashabou #6907), Brown (#6917), Pearl (#6905), Black (#6912), Pink (#6965) and Gold.

The creator

Capt. Randy Hamilton (Click here to email Capt. Randy Hamilton)