The best spoon fly I've ever seen

Redfish love spoons and having one I can throw on a fly rod is a bonus. Captain Hamilton's spoon fly rocks and is super easy to tie!

Tail and weed guard

sample imagePlace hook in the vise so that eye is pointing toward the floor

Tie in squirrel tail using 6/0 tan Unithread.

Be sure to tie tail half way into the bend of the hook.

Directly over the thread wraps for the tail, tie in lead eyes.

Remove hook from vise and position normally.

Wrap thread forward and tie in wire weed guard (Figure 2). Weed guard should be tied in as shown below to assure the guard does not twist on the finished fly.

Whip finish and cut thread.

Blade construction

sample image

Spray adhesive (3M M-77) on to back of Offray ribbon and let cure for 5 minutes.

Cut a piece of the ribbon long enough to fit between hook eye and dumbbell eyes (Figure 3).

Place ribbon on the underside of the hook (hook is point up in the vise) so that the hook shank will contact the ribbon at about one quarter of the ribbon width (see the line drawing).

Next fold the free side of the ribbon over to meet the opposite side.

Finally press the ribbon together being careful to make good contact with the hood shank.

Cut the blade to a tear drop shape by first clipping off the corners closest to the eye at a 30 degree angle.

Cut the back of the blade to produce a smoothly rounded edge.

Key Point: if the blade is not symmetrical on either side of the hook shank, small adjustments can be made by simply pulling on the woven ribbon.

Mix and apply a thin layer of two part epoxy being sure to lay epoxy up onto the thread and dumbbell eye to anchor the blade.

Place on drying wheel to harden.

Weedguard placement

Kink the end of the weed guard loop and bend the guard back under the hook point. If a fingernail is placed were the weed guard and spoon blade meet when bending the weed guard you can avoid pulling epoxy away from the hook shank.

Materials list

Hook: Gamakatsu SC 15 1/0 or 2/0

Thread: Tan Uni thread

Weed Guard: 22 lb Steel Calcutta wire

Blade Material: Offray 2" woven craft ribbon

Tail: Red fox tail

Tail accent: olive slinky fibre

Bumbell eyes: small

The creator

Capt. Randy Hamilton (Click here to email Capt. Randy Hamilton)