For $20 You Can Become a Better Flyfisherman

Line management is one of the biggest problems fly fishers face. With this simple basket your line is intact and out of the way. With your line in the stripping basket you cannot step on it. With this there is one less thing to worry about, you got enough on your mind trying to make a good cast!

Here's How I Do It

Step 1: A stripping basket is merely a storage box to strip your fly line into to. The goal of a stripping basket is to keep your line out of the way and in one location. This eliminates stepping on the line, getting it caught on everything in the boat or having it float away while you are wade fishing. For this stripping basket I used a Rubbermaid Roughneck Storage Box: 3 gallons that is 16" x 10-3/4" x 7" (model # 2213), some cable ties and a 1/4" bit and drill.
Step 2: Begin by drilling (CAUTION: FOLLOW THE MANUFACTURERS SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS AND WEAR SAFETY EQUIPMENT WHEN USING POWER TOOLS) holes into the bottom of the box. I started in the center and worked my way out in an alternating pattern. A dozen holes will be adequate. Drill two holes per location, the cable ties need the two holes to attach correctly.
Step 3: Attach the cable ties by going through the bottom of the box into one hole and then bring it back through the other hole and tighten the cable tie.
Step 4: Cut the cable ties at random angles and from two (2) to three (3) inch lengths. Use cutting pliers or heavy duty scissors to cut these. Cut the angles at 45 degrees or less, keeping the tip somewhat blunt.
Step 5: Drill a hole in each handle for the belt to clip into. This should be perpendicular (right angle or 90 degrees) to the storage box handles. Use a bit that is large enough to accommodate the belt clip that you have chosen.
Step 6: Attach the belt to the holes you just drilled in the handles. The basket is now done, total cost less than $20 at Home Depot. Keep the lid and use the box to store the belt in, when not in use. You can also use the basket to store fly line in as you run to another location. This is the best tool I have found to help people become better fly casters because you never step on your line and it is always neat and clean. Give it a try!!!!

The High Points.....

  • Drill the cable holes
  • Attach the cable ties
  • Cut the cable ties
  • Attach the belt loop connection