Treble Hooks Increase Hook Ups but Also Triple the Problems

For most of my fishing I release most all the fish I catch. I am very fortunate that I do not have to fish to survive therefore I see no point in causing a fish undue injury simply because he bit my lure. Most lures come with a few treble hooks on them but I promptly replace them before using the lures. I replace treble hooks with a straight shank J hook to ease my worries.

Step 1: Begin by assembling the equipment needed:
  • Cotton Cordell Pencil Popper
  • Eagle Claw L118 BP in 8/0
  • Wolverine Triple Ring Split rings in 335-pound
  • Side cutting pliers or split ring pliers
Step 2: Begin by removing the existing split rings and hooks. With the side cutting pliers to grab the split ring and pry it open, use the post and/or hook as leverage to open the split ring.
Step 3: Add the Wolverine Triple Ring Split ring by prying the ring open and inserting the eye of the lure into the space. Add the Eagle Claw hook and finish threading the split ring onto the lure eye, moving along as you rotate the split ring.
Step 4: Here is the finished lure, notice I did not add a forward hook to the lure. This will allow me to hold onto the lure while I am unhooking the fish and gives me total control of the lure. Also the single hook means I only have one hook to worry about not the six that the lure came with.


Products Used

The High Points

  • Remove the existing hooks
  • Upgrade the split rings
  • Replace the hooks
  • Fish it and hang on!!!