How to upgrade a bolt knob

Bolt action rifles are built for the masses and without a custom price tag the bolt knob is a standard chunk of metal that is functional but limited. Appearance and function are rarely one in the same but an updated bolt knob can be both. This is my Remington 541T that I updated.

Step 1: Start by assembling the needed parts:
  • An empty rifle
  • A sharp hacksaw
  • A bench mounted vise
  • Leather gloves
  • An electric grinder
  • A replacement bolt knob
  • A die set for the appropriate size
  • A metal file

Step 2: Begin with the existing rifle

Notice that the original bolt knob is small and very close to the stock. It is also very slick and hard to hold onto. Ensure that the rile is unloaded before you proceed.

Step 3: The basic bolt

Here is the bolt removed from the rifle. It is nothing fancy just a standard 22 LR bolt.

Step 4: Protect the Bolt

At this time, you can totally disassemble the bolt or cover it completely. Using a few newspaper plastic bags I covered the bolt and taped it up. Do not sell your self short here. The more you prepare the less damage you could do. Cover the bolt completely and securely

Step 5: Plan the cuts

I used a Dremel tool and laid out the cut lines. The cut lines are in alignment with the bolt arm. This is the point of no return, take your time and do it correctly. I have a tendency to rush things therefore I make mistakes. Take your time here. Also remember the golden rule: you can always cut more out, you just cannot replace it once you cut it

Step 6: After four cuts

After you cut the bolts side pieces off you now have a square bolt knob. Notice how the plastic has melted away. This is a good time to tighten the tape up and cover the bolt. Now I took the bolt to my bench grinder and rounded the edges. Once I got the size down I used the die set and cut threads into the bolt handle.

Step 7: Screw on the bolt knob

Now you can screw on the bolt knob. Once I was ok with the fit, I used JB weld to permanently install the bolt knob to the bolt. You do not need a lot of JB weld to epoxy the bolt knob to the bolt.

Step 8: The finished product

Here is the bolt placed back into the rifle. It looks a little large for the rifle but I like it. The bolt knob really makes the bolt easy to work and is great with gloves on.

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