My Remington 700 ADL in 223 Remington Project

Dick's Sporting Goods had a sell on the Remington model 700 ADL SPS Varmit in 223 Remington. It has a 26" barrel the standard SPS beavertail stock in camo with a 4-12 x 40mm scope. Not a bad deal for $450 plus tax. This is my donor rifle that I plant to build into a one hole rifle. Here my process.

Here is how I do it

What i started with

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bolt upgrade

I first installed the provided Weaver bases and the super Sniper 16x scope. I used low rings for the scope install. The bolt knob was the next thing and it came out ok (click here to see how I did it) and the scope clearance was fine.

stock upgrade

I added a Choate stock that I got on a steal. Neat stock has some good options and styling. It is a good stock at a great price. Check one out, when you get a chance.


Products Used

Click here to visit the Remington web page
The 700 action is the industry standard for precision rifle actions

Click here to view SWFA's web page
The Super Sniper 16x Scope has alot to offer for the cost

Click here to view EGW's web page
The EGW one piece 20 MOA picatinny base rocks

The high points

How To Upgrade a Bolt Knob
Here is how I added a bolt knob to my bolt action rifles. These are super easy to install and really help with round cycling