This is my home life page

I was prepper before it was cool but we were called poor dirt farmers. Here I will show my simple life and share some of my personal information and techniques that may help you. I cook, clean and do it all so why not share some of what helps me. Keep checking in and I will keep putting it out here!

Some of My Home Life Projects

my m35A2 Deuce and half page

M35A2 Deuce and HalfIn the 1940s, Uncle Sam sought out to create a multi fuel vehicle that would fill the gap between their serice truck and the 5-ton truck. Hince came about the M35 series 2-1/2 ton truck commonly called the Deuce and Half. One of the military's finest 6x6 trucks, that knows no limits Click here to view my M35A2

my 1844 go-devil boat rig page

Godevil 1844 RigGo-Devil motors make a boat a shallow water rig. I bought this one used and personalized it to meet my needs. Do iit yourself always makes it priceless. The 4x4 of boats, able to run in mud and never miss a beat Click here to view my 1844

my 1991 Chevrolet Suburban page

BebeMy 1991 Suburban project known as Bebe begins life here. Keep an eye on my progress and let me know what you think. Click here to view my Bebe project page

Home Life Articles

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Home Life How To

Acme ToolsSometimes I learn things that I feel may help. If no help maybe they will keep you from making some of the mistakes I have


Home Life Recipes

Cooking is something i must do, I just happen to like it. Click here to view my Recipes page