Bebe's build page

Welcome to the law of vehicles in the South!!! I love the old blocky Suburbans. I have owned many and this is my latest one. Check in and keep up with how Bebe evolves into my driver/off road rig.

I am in no way a MECHANIC! I understand that there are better ways, this is just the way I do things. Feel free to offer input or advice.

What I started with

This is my new BEBE. A 1991 Chevrolet 2500 (3/4 ton) Suburban. It was a little rough but it was rust free and that is what I want. As we say "I can do anything but RUST". Click on a thumbnail image to see a larger product view.

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Suburban Lore:

Suburbans ROCK!!!!!! I have always loved them. Great to drive, haul and secure your stuff. I love the blocky series (Eight generation from 1973-1991). The 2500 of 3/4 ton are my favorite as they have a better stance and look cooler to me.

My Plans For BEBE

  • Add a 6" lift
  • Redo the headliner
  • Redo the seats
  • Upgrade the dash
  • Rebuild the motor, transmission and ensure drive train is secure

Updates/Progress on BEBE

  • Added Hummer 315 tires