My M35A2 Deuce and Half

Since I was a kid, I longed to own one of these lumbering giants. The M35A2 commonly known as the Deuce and Half is a 6x6 that is built to last. With a payload of 2 1/2 ton off road and 5 ton on the highway, I will have no issues carrying whatever I want. Moreover, I can carry it anywhere I need to and have little to worry about.

These are photos of my 1970 Kaiser Jeep Corporation Deuce and Half that I purchased from John Winslow. This is one of my favorite vehicles and I hope to pass it on to someone else someday so they can enjoy for many years to come.

Here is how the Deuce has evolved

after some carc 383 paint



the final product

M35A2 Sepcifications

Manufactured by: Kaiser Jeep

Wheel base: 154 inches

Tire Size:900X20

Steering: Ross Manual TA-67171

Weight (curb): Cab and Chassis 11,000 lb

Engine: Continental/White Inline 6

Horsepower: 140 HP diesel LD-465-1, or 160 HP, LDT-465-1C

Transmission: Spicer 5 speed, Synchromesh, Model 3052 5th direct, Overdrive Model 3053

Transfer Case: Rockwell 2 speed, Model T-136-21

Axles: Rockwell Double Reduction, Front 12,000 lbs, Rear 28,000 lbs

Differential Ratio 6:72/1

Electrical System: 24 Volt, negative ground, 150 Amps

Brakes: Wagner/Bendix Air/Hydraulic, Parking brake manual

Fuel Capacity: 60 Gallons