Being in a blind brings you closer to nature

Before the sun pushes away the moon light and reminds the East that it is time to rise, I am blessed to be in a duck blind. Two hours earlier I was crying for a cup of coffee and wishing I could sleep just a few more minutes. We load the gear into the boat and at 04:30 AM we launch for a day of waterfowling.

The thirty minute boat ride is cool and it wakes me from any thoughts of sleep. Once at the blind the work begins, we hurry to put out five dozen blocks (decoys) as the moon smiles its warm glow to light our task. We position and reposition the decoys, then we hide the boat in the in a brush thicket. Then comes the best time of the morning, the duck blind before shooting time. As I sip my coffee, Todd and I ponder the fate of the universe and we resolve all the worlds problems in mere minutes. A breeze reminds me that a front is approaching, but it does not matter. As the rain drizzles to a halt, the lake begins another day. The song birds buzz and hum as the make their way to work and the mallards begin stirring in preparation for their daily crusade. It is as if the lake has a life of its own, driven by a lunar time clock!

The life of the lake seems to revolve around the light of a new day and I am blessed to be a part of its timeless dance. The lake creatures grow restless as the sun takes it time showing its fiery face. Ducks begin to move and all changes in a mere second, the lake is alive with activity! Everything is awake and excited about the new day. In the midst of this transition I am in awe of the promise of a new day. The snipe and rails dart through the timber as if there on a dog fight with the Red Baron. The wood ducks shrill scream is an eerie reminder that their dive booming antics are soon to follow. Teal peep and float by at Mach 1, close enough to touch with a synchronized flight order that has no comparison. Then as if they know when legal shooting time begins, the geese begin their trip to feed their ravenous appetites. The noise from the geese's wings and their constant barking is almost deafening, waking any creature that was trying to catch the last minutes of sleep before the sun pushes the moon along on its constant journey.

For these moments of bliss and furious scurrying about, I would trade anything. The golden hour before the day begins is a reminder that a new day is that, another chance to be beautiful day of life. No matter how many times I sip coffee and complain about the cold, the waking of the lake to a new day warms my soul. When I see how nature welcomes the new day with such vigor and joy, I know that today will be a great day!