Preparation Eliminates Questions

If you have ever missed a shot and blamed it on your bow, paper tuning will help. Paper tuning is a tuning method that allows you to get "perfect" arrow flight with your bow. There is nothing mystical about the process all you need is few extra pieces of equipment. Most bow manufacturers have a section in their owners manual that goes over this process, if not Easton Arrows has one in their catalog. The paper tuner is not more than a paper holder. You can purchase one from your local dealer or archery mail order catalogs. If you are so inclined you can even build one. I have constructed paper tuners out of PVC pipe or wood or just two stakes in the ground. There are a couple of rules I do try to follow regarding my paper holders:

  1. I like to have the paper held tight. When the paper is slack you can get a false sense of what your arrow is doing. Tight paper will allow the arrow to penetrate and exit with little drag, loose paper will pull with the arrow rather than slice through. Another key point is to make the paper holder so it is slightly larger than the paper and then attach the paper with tape, clips or staples.

  2. If possible I like the center of my paper to be at my bow hand height. This way the arrow is flying in a near horizontal plane rather than a downward path. It is also easier for most people to relax and shoot the target at that level, eliminating part of the guess work. Put the paper holder on a picnic table to elevate it as needed to get it to shoulder height.

Picture frames (with the glass and picture removed) can make good paper tuning holders, you just have to keep them from spinning in the wind if you hang them. Once the paper holder has been built, attach the paper. Place a target behind the paper tuner. Allow at least four feet between the tuner and the target, this will give the arrow plenty of room to clear the paper before it enters the target.

The High Points.....

  • Paper tuning corrects arrow flight
  • Shoot the arrow
  • Make adjustments
  • Continue until proper flight is achieved