The Flipper II is a super rest

For archers who do not use a release aid, the Flipper II rest is the simplest and easiest to use that I have found. With some simple tools and a little time you can install this rest and get better clearance out of your bow. I have used this setup for over 15 years and never had a failure that I could not recover from. The worst thing that can happen is the rest falls off, in which case all you do is glue another one on. Email me if you need more info or if there is something you are not sure about.

How I do It

This is a basic Flipper II rest. A simple yet effective tool for the finger shooter. Simple, effective, cheap and easy to use; what else could you ask for?
Begin by cleaning the shooting window of the bow and installing mole skin (or any of the other materials used today) to reduce the chance of noise should the arrow hit the shooting window. Also install the plunger you will use, screw it far past the point where it should be. This will allow you to position the rest and clean any epoxy off the plunger, as needed.
Most bows now have center shot cut out, so you will need to add a spacer to your Flipper II rest to move it away from the bow face. As a spacer I used a piece of polycarbonate plastic (available at hobby shops or plastics dealers) that is 3/16" thick and cut to the same size as the Flipper II rest. I rounded the base (use a file, sandpaper or an electric sander) to match my bow face contour. Clean the polycarbonate with alcohol and attach the Flipper II rest to it.
To attach the rest plate to the bow, I use Devcon 5-Minute epoxy. Use a sticky note pate to mix the epoxy on. Use a tooth pick or a fly tying tool to stir the epoxy. Mix the epoxy per the instructions and coat the polycarbonate completely.
Place the rest on the bow and align with the plunger. Move the rest back and forth to ensure that the epoxy fills all the cracks and coats all pieces thoroughly. Clean all the excess epoxy away and ensure that the plunger is clear and no epoxy is on it. Make sure your rest is in place before the epoxy sets or you will need to start over again. Adjust the rest as needed and tune the plunger to the new location. I always carry extra rest in the field so all I need to do it attach a new rest to the polycarbonate piece if the rest falls off.