There is nothing better than hunting predators

You really begin to appreciate Mother Natures design of predators when you are sitting there ringing the dinner bell. Nothing gets me going like watching the best of the best slink in looking for an easy meal. Today predator hunting has become mainstream and everyone is an expert. I cut my teeth predator hunting for the government and it was alot tougher then. Here is one of my go to calls that I never leave home with!

Here is how I do it

This is my little adapatation of a fine call that I ahve used for years. When I get to a call site I begin soft and gradually increase my volume as needed. The Haydels MSP-98 Predator Squeaker is my first call. Let me know what you think and maybe this can help you coax em in close.

MSP-98What You need

I begin with a Haydel's MSP-98 Predator Squeaker call. This is a simple call that everyone needs to add to their call lanyard. Click here to view the call on Haydel's werbsite


BellowsStandard bellows system

I had a spare bellows laying around and talking to Kelly Haydel about goose calling one day sparked my imagination. This is a bellows that I used.  Click here to view the bellows on Haydel's website


call togetherAssemble the call

There is no real science or technology here, merely shove the mouth end into the bellow throat. If the call is tight or sticky add some water to help it slide on better. Slide the bellows down until it meets the call collar.


The completed call

Here is how I use the call. I place the call in my left hand (which holds the gun forearm), this allows me the work the call in my off hand while I still manuever and point the fire arm.completed call

Products Used

Haydel'sHaydel's is a family owned and operated call company. They make the best calls on the market PERIOD!. Click here to see the Haydel's website

The high points

  • Predators are the top of the food chain, give them their due respect. Under estimating any of their keen senses will only lead to your dissapointment
  • Begin soft with your calling because you do not know how close the predator may be
  • Don't be afraid to use a mouse squeaker for all predators remember these are opportunistic feeders and an easy fee meal is hard for them to turn down
  • Above all don't forget that the predator is locked in on the call sound, reduce your movements and be aware that they see everything
  • Get out there and hunt!
  • The bellows can be added to many calls, use your imagination and add one to your call arsenal
  • Imagination is what makes things work