When you pursue game every detail counts, no matter how small

I have chased game across the country and I never stop learning. From small game to big game, hunting is about planning and preparation. These tips will help you understand your equipment and make it function better; thereby increasing your confidence in your ability.

How To Information

MSP-98 CallClick here to view my predator squeaker idea
This is a simple hand operated call to bring em in close


Click here to view Reminton 541 and 700 bolt disassembly
Don't ignore your bolt during your periodic cleaning

Click here to view my waterfowl cleaning page
It is important to know how to clean waterfowl effectively

Click here to view my decoy rigging page
Decoys need to be rigged so they are easy to deploy and pick up

Hunting Articles

First Light In a Duck Blind
Watching the world wake up in a blind

The Rich History of Waterfowl Decoys
Justin Sieverding of DOA Decoys sent me an article on decoys

Bow Hunting Tips

Click here to view the Flipper II rest installation page
The Flipper II rest is a simple and effective rest for the finger shooter

Click here to view the Off Season Bow Work page
A little preparation can eliminate a ton of questions

 Click here to view the Paper Tune Your Bow Page
A simple task that will make you a better bow shooter

Hunting Information

Click here to buy the 2013-2014 duck stamp
USPS always has the duck stamp that we must have

Click here to view my Paper Target page
Paper targets are a great and cheap way to approve your shooting skills

Click here to view the NC Waterfowl season dates
NC early season dates have been set

Click here to view the website that tracks waterfowl migration
A great resource to show how birds are migrating


Hunting Product Reviews

Haydel's CK-2* UPDATED 16-Oct-13** Haydel's Game Calls sent me a copuple of their carbon fiber candied calls for my testing and review. Click here to view my review of their call page

Hunting Cool Stuff

Rimfire Tactical Precision Match
Get your 22's and find out how good you are