Haydel's Candied Carbon Kwacker calls

Almost from Haydel's Game Calls inception I have been a big fan. For the entirety of my life, fashion follows form for me. In other words it needs to work first then we can live with color or how it looks. Eli Haydel is a down to earth hunter and he built a company on that philosophy. The Haydels line of calls are designed to put game up close PERIOD. From the first DR85 I used, I have had a special place in my heart for these “working man’s calls”. Now you can get a custom call at a price that anyone can afford!

Here is my review

With all the designer and high end calls being made today, Haydel’s has begun to make a few custom calls that the average hunter can afford. Yet even with the pretty colors and snappy finish it still had better work if you want me to blow it. I got these from Santa (the UPS man) and here is what I have to say about em!

Does it look good?

Call finishIn this day and age of fad Gucci duck hunters we often forget the old hard days of hunting. Back when we used old military clothes, stayed wet, froze and only got to shot three birds. Fast forward to present day and the calls, clothing, colors and alliances are endless. Call me old fashion but I really don’t care what others think of me for my judges have web feet and don’t miss a beat. Yet even I can add a little bling and make it look good as I do it.

Haydel’s stepped up to the plate on this one! The call looks nice, it is clean and to my amazement it is very smooth on the lips. The color is great sporting a deep rich candied color that can be seen at all angles. The carbon fiber shines through and really jazzes it up. With seven (7) colors to choose from you could have one for everyday of the week. Even with all the color and finish the call has very little shine which we like in the blind. As always, hunters making calls for hunters with a little flare and bling for today’s hunters!

How does it sound?

Now comes the real test of a call. Let’s see what this thing will do and let’s put it through its paces. After ripping in the package it immediately went to my lips to begin to wake up the neighborhood. I went through the entire call sequence and gave em no mercy! From high balling to come back I pushed it hard and it help in there. For the single reed (CK-1), it has the louder cleaner ring that you want from a distance call. The double reed (CK-2) has a warmer more subtle tonal quality to it. The double reed (CK-2) is loud and clear but the single reed (CK-1) is a louder crisper call. The single reed (CK-1) requires less air than the double reed (CK-2) does and that can be important for many. The single reed (CK-1) calls allows me to control the note and be able to manipulate the note easier than the double reed (CK-2) does.

Both calls take air well and you can really scream at em yet they also allow you to whisper to em once they are close. To many times a call can be loud or quiet but to do both makes for a versatile quality in the caller’s arsenal. These calls cover my calling spectrum and do all I can do. For me they are far superior to my calling ability yet still usable and producing a quality warm natural duck sound.

Will I use it?

LanyardCurrently I have four (4) calls on my duck call lanyard. Yes I use them all and they all have a distinctive purpose. From a timber swamp to open water I can cover all my calling needs with my four (4) calls. So I have two (2) new carbon fiber calls, now what? Once I blew them there was no question my single reed and one of my double reed calls got replaced. The choice was not made lightly nor in haste. My years of calling have taught me what works and what won’t. These will work without a question!

Products Notes

CK1 colorsThe CK-1 is a single reed mallard call that is designed for open water. We tune to ring at the top while maintaining a nice low end for most hunting situations. Handsomely finished with a
candied carbon finish! We got your sweet tooth covered here!

CK2 colorsThe CK-2 gives you a call like no other. We tune this double reed call on the raspy side for aggressive calling. The carbon finish makes it stand out in a ground truly giving you a fine looking call. One of Rod’s favorites! Truly one fine looking call.

Where to Buy

Haydel's Game Calls logoThere  are many places to buy the Candied Carbon Kwacker from but buyng directly from the source gives me a sense of confidence. Click here to buy yours today!

The high points

Here are some of thehigh points of these calls and why I think they are super calls! 

  • COST: $49.95 (from Haydel's)
  • DURABILITY: High and holds up well
  • USABILITY: Easy to moderate skill
  • EASE OF USE: Fast to learn, very easy
  • CALL MATERIAL: Carbon fiber
  • SPECIES: Duck (Mallard)
  • REED: Single and Double
  • COLOR: Apple
  • SOUND: Clear warm and clear