Browning's OPMOD Knife

Since I was a child a knife is a tool that I was taught to respect and depend on. I must confess that I do have a true addiction to cutting tools! From butchering to defense, I demand knives with quality with unfaltering dependability. Browning is one of the most legendary names of the gun world so it never a question to review a product bearing their name. The fine people at Optics Planet sent me one to evaluate and I put it to the test.

Let's get down to business

Is it Sharp?

Well everybody is making knives and throwing all these fad names on them like "Tactical, Defense, Military, Assault and another cool names to boost sales”. With a flood of knives with predefined uses, the list is exhausting to wade through. As with all things I do, throw all that crap out the window and let’s see what this thing will really do.

Knives need to be sharp, be able to keep an edge and be able to resharpen: PERIOD! Few things piss me off like a dull knife (yes I still have the scar on my hand from Big Brothers dull knife). So will this fit my needs? Right off the bat Browning put sharpening directions inside the package. The edge is sharp and smooth with a precise grind and taper. It does shave the hair on my arm away easily, makes quick work out of feathering a sheet of printer paper yet still is feels super sharp. I have not resharpened it (and hope I don’t have to soon) but I will add that once I need to sharpen it.

does it open and close well?

In my day to day life I carry a minimum of three (3) knives. Both front pockets have knives and an additional one at an undisclosed location. Seems simple but these must be easily opened and very quick to retrieve. The Browning clip mount is centered allowing for either side carry and the thumb assist is large enough to use but does not hang on items as it is being carried. The location of the thumb assist is in a comfortable position to allow the opening of the knife with one hand. Recently a knife that I purchased reminded me how important it is to have the thumb assist in the correct location. The unlock assembly is in the center of the knife and allows easy closing with one hand. The locking mechanism is low and close to the knife frame which needs a solid finger tip to push it outta the way. Don’t mistake that as a flaw, a firm release reminds you to pay attention to what you are doing and does not allow it to fail easily.

How does it carry?

With knives in my pockets I still need to use them as pockets therefore I need to be able to put my hand in my pocket with a knife attached to the pocket. This knife carries well and allows me to get into my pocket around it. The pocket clip is firm and long which allows the knife to hold firmly with pocket material of different thicknesses. From slacks to blue jeans the knife holds well and does not move around in my pocket. It has smooth edges and slides into the pocket easily. Even carrying the knife in my back pocket still allows me to sit and move as needed without overly exaggerating its existence. All and all it carries well and is easily deployed quickly.

Will I use it?

With a modified drop point edge the blade is a quick cutting smooth flowing blade this is a solid functional blade design that works well. As a box cutter or a defense weapon this knife feels the bill adequately. I have yet to use this as a butchering knife but I feel that I could easily butcher a deer with little to no effort. The blade finish is clean and smooth with an easy to clean surface. Clean up is important to reduce and marring of the finish but also give a sense of pride in a tool.

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Browning OPMOD Folder Knife Limited Edition Product Info

Exclusively available here, the Browning OPMOD Folder Knife Limited Edition is a tough looking, tough-acting little knife that gives you plenty of cutting power in a compact package - andimage it looks terrific, too. Developed through a collaboration of our OPMOD product specialists with the knife experts at Browning, the Browning OPMOD Folder Knife sports a plain edge blade with a razor-sharp edge and drop-point tip, crafted from 8Cr titanium coated stainless steel, wth a thumb stud for easy one-handed opening. The symetrical handle is built of rugged G-10 and features a gentle palm swell and a curved blade guard that protects your hand and gives it a distinctive profile. The liner lock mechanism keeps the blade securely in place when open - and lets you close it with ease. The Browning OPMOD Folder Knife carries easily in your pocket, or keep it handy with the attached pocket clip. Designed by the expert in all things hunting, from being a guide to taxidermy, Russ Kommer, this knife is everything you need. Kommer is one that knows just about everything there is to know when it comes to knives and the needs of knife users. Starting as a big game hunter and working his way around the different aspects of hunting, he's seen it all and knows what's at stake. It's evident in this folding knife. Give the Browning OPMOD Folder Knife Limited Edition a try as your everyday carry knife - you'll keep coming back to it again and again!

Browning 322723: OPMOD Folder Knife Limited Edition - Black
Browning 322724: OPMOD Folder Knife Limited Edition - Sand

Specifications for Browning OPMOD Folder Knife, Limited Edition:

Length, open: 7 3/4"
Length, closed: 4 1/2"
Blade length (cutting edge): 3 1/8"

Features of Browning OPMOD Limited Edition Folder Knife:

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