OPMOD P.A.C 3.0 Personal Articles Carrier Bag

Man purse, murse, man bag, purse, satchel or whatever you call it: I carry one. Mine is call FREEDOM cause it gives me the freedom to get home. Man bags aren’t for everyone nor does everyone use them the same way. Therefore when we choose a murse it needs to meet the needs that warrant carrying it. I am a bag whore and love em!!! They gotta have plenty of pockets, hold all my stuff, carry well and be fit for purpose. No one single bag is fit for every situation. As with all things we must compromise to meet our needs. Learn what you need, what can work and adjust what tradeoffs you can live with.

Let's get down to business

How Is it MAde?

A quality bag begins at the material and assembly phase. This bag is made from solid medium weight material and is stitched with quality heavy material thread. There are very few ragged stitches with all very close to the same length, tension and straightness. I only found one (1) loose end which I promptly took care of with my trusty Zippo. The Velcro on the top was sewn well and very close to the edges producing a smooth transition with full use of the entire Velcro surface. The zippers were sewn in and the seams were sealed correctly thereby reducing the possibility of zipper failure. The webbing was tight, spaced evenly and ready for duty. The shoulder straps have buckles on each end allowing for quick release, if needed. The shoulder strap buckles are protected by a strip of elastic material and is cover fairly well to prevent the buckles from releasing premature. The bag was constructed with little wasted space and over engineered. There was no over stitching and attachment points were solid and not overly exaggerated. In simple terms: well build with no frills!

what is it good for?

With many things in life, this bag has unlimited potential uses. This would make a great tactical diaper bag, a mean day bag, a light bug out bag and even a small pack for work. I choose to fill my mine with my med kit. As you see I do pack way to much stuff but better to have than not have. Believe me when I say, it looks like a lot but years of work have taught me what I need so there is little wasted space here. But yes I did cram it full just to see how much it would carry! I took my boat first aid kit, some fire starting tools, and my personal trauma bag and put it all in this bag. Along with a GPS unit, a decent LED flashlight and still had room for my Kindle and a 1911. Was it to packed? Yes but I wanted you to see what it capable of. With Molle straps on the sides you can add additional pouches to meet your need. Oh did I forget to mention that the bag comes with three (3) side pouches? Two (2) are double stack magazine, CR123 flashlight size and the other is a double wide one capable of housing my Garmin 60 series GPS and a folding knife.

There is a main compartment, an outside pocket, a top pocket and a lower from pocket. There is even a pocket in the back of the bag to place a 1911 or USP comfortably and well hidden. One of the great points is that this bag is a center sling not an offset sling for a right/left hand carry. Why is that important? Sometimes you need the bag to be on the other side so you can carry a kid, tote a rifle or just do something without the bag dangling in the way. It’s easily moved to the opposite side and does lays well and close to the body. Being able to swing the bag out of my way affords me a lot of wasted movement with no loss of control or access to my stuff.

Will I use it?

Very rarely am I without a bag of some sorts, Uncle Sam taught me how to live out of a bag shall we say. This bag is a nice compliment and many people don’t notice it. With a sleek profile and lying close to the body it draws less attention than many other bags. Being centered I can easily swing the bag to a hidden side while allowing me easy access. This bag has been filled and used since I got it.

Seems like this quality bag a great price point. I must admit that I cannot tell you how it will hold up as I have only had it for a few weeks. I also have not carried this in a heavy combat and/or duty role. Yet I feel that this bag will hold up fine. With plenty of space, a lot of possibilities I would highly recommend this $30 bag without question. If you are looking for a good quality bag to hold your stuff and be a bag, here is your choose. Black or green, to match most of your outfits. Try one today and get away from your Batman belt and enjoy the freedom of having all your gear at arm’s reach!

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OPMOD P.A.C 3.0 Personal Articles Carrier Bag Prodcut Info

The OPMOD PAC Bag is a compact single-strap shoulder bag with enough pockets and pouches to organize all your basic tools and emergency gear. This OPMOD pack isimage no lightweight contender, either; it's got room to store a concealed-carry pistol in back (holster not included), and has three magazine pouches. The OPMOD Personal Article Carrier Bag has a total of seven compartments - and it has PALS webbing on the front, sides and back so you can load it up even more if you need (and shed the weight when you don't.) Flexibility is the name of the game here - you can remove the shoulder strap, and use the buckles as a carry handle. The shoulder strap comes with a shoulder pad for comfort, and the back of the OPMOD PAC Pack is made with a breathable mesh backing. Exclusively sold on OpticsPlanet from the OPMOD line, you know you're getting the quality you deserve with the reliability you need. If you're in a line of work where you routinely go charging into trouble zones, get organized now, before you have to head out - with the OPMOD P.A.C. Gear Bag!

Specifications for OPMOD P.A.C. Limited Edition Gear Bag:

Overall size: H 12-1/2" x W 8-1/2" x D 7-1/4"
Main Compartment: H 11" x W 8" x D 4-1/2"
Front Pouch: H 8" x W 7-1/2" x D 2 1/2"
Front Bottom pouch: H 2" x 7-1/2" X 2-1/2"
Front pocket: H 6" x W 7"
Back pocket: H 11" x W 9"
Conceal snap back pocket: H 7-1/4" x W 8"
Top Pouch: H 5" x W 6-3/4" x D 2-1/2"
Carry Strap: L 43" x W 1-1/2" w/ 2" non slip shoulder pad
Empty weight: 1.78 lbs

Features of OPMOD PAC Limited Edition Backpack:

  • Plenty of space - 7 compartments total.
  • Tough PVC Material
  • Rear concealed Carry Pocket for easy access to Conceal Carry Pistol (Holster not included)
  • Velcro Patches to accommodate Hook and Loop accessories
  • 1 Rifle and 2 Pistol Magazine Pouches
  • PALS Webbing on Front, Sides and Bottom to add anything you need to get the job done.
  • Breathable Mesh Backing for comfort
  • Removable and Adjustable Carry Strap with Shoulder Pad
  • Available in Black or OD Green
  • OPMOD Limited Lifetime Warranty

Where to Buy

There  are many places to buy but buyng directly from Optics Planet gives me a sense of confidence not to mention first class service! Click here to buy yours today!