Quotes from my simple life

To many times I am told that I have no filter. I am me and God knows I don't hold back. Simple rule, if you think it will not be the answer you want; don't ask. Enjoy

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good thoughts

"Whatever follows should, could or would is merely hope disguised in denial"

"Life is short, do something you love. Follow your heart and all those around you will envy the life you lead"

"May the light of knowledge warm your heart and its glow of hope guide your steps"

"Before you take your foot out of your mouth, try to remember what put it there"

"To live without hope is an existence but to live with hope it is love"

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step but completion of the journey only maps the course of the next adventure"

"There is good in all things, it is just the packaging that confuses us"

"We are blessed to be able to do what we love, it is our responsibility to show others the beauty that we hold true. The portrait that we paint can last a lifetime if the colors never fade."

"Life is like live television, it's not whether you make a mistake it's how you handle it!"

"Without a goal to work for, why work at all? What goal are you working for?"

"Set a new goal each day and accomplish it. Soon you will see that anything is attainable if you make it a goal and follow through"

"Goals are the light at the end of the tunnel but character keeps us from hitting the walls"

"Work is something you will do all your life, why not enjoy what you do or do what you enjoy"

"Bad times makes the good times even better"

"Each new day is another chance to correct the mistakes you have made"

"A dogs desire to please is a direct result of the masters love toward the dog"

"Dogs enrich our lives by being a loyal pack companion, we enrich their lives by being a worthy pack leader"

"When the last breath of life is fleeting from his body, your dog will love you with every ounce of his fading life. Shouldn't you give him the same respect before his last breath judges your worth?"

"Pets love us when we have bad days and they help us through them. It will enrich your life to return the favor"

"With all our flaws and inconsistency dogs still love us, if only we could treat each other with such love"

"When a dog dies another angel is added to the choir in heaven because dogs are our guardian angels that keep us safe"

"Dogs hear, see and smell better than us. They can perceive danger and judge people for what they are. Yet with all their superior ability they allow us to be the major part of their lives. Are you worthy of such an honor?"

"With a cold nose and a warm lick, a dog can wash away allot of pain"

"People who hate cats have never been blessed to be owned by one"

"Cats do things at their own pace, I guess that is why people do not like them"

"Pets love us like a mother but will defend us like a father"

Simple Quotes

"Time may be fleeting but the sting of not trying far out ways the memories of our failures"

"If I didn't have to work I'd be a much better outdoorsman"

"Conservation, education and commitment will ensure that our children can enjoy nature just as we do"

"A nation of freedom is built upon the bodies of the innocent and painted with the blood of its patriots"

"With time and practice all tasks become easy"

"Fear makes courage, failure makes knowledge but wisdom is knowing how to mix the two and succeed at your task"

"Sometimes our darkest paths lead us on our most enlightened journeys"

"The human body is the only machine that works its best when pushed beyond its perceived limits"

"Life is a voyage, it does not matter what you travel in to get there, the end is the same"

"Fear is a lack of confidence in one's own strength. Strength is the will to accept no limitation"

"Prejudice is a disease, you are not born with it but you can die from it"

"We learn the most about ourselves when we are at our darkest point"

"Time may heal all wounds but bitterness leaves a scar"


silence is golden