These are my sponsors

Below is a list of the people who support me and my goals as an outdoorsman. These are listed in alphabetical order and each and everyone is just as important as the next. These people make products that hold up under the worst conditions yet perform their best. For products that hold up and are worth the money look below.

Airflo fly lines Airflo (Click here to visit Airflo's website) fly lines are simply the best fly lines I have used. With a superior coating that allows me to cast further and sinking lines that no one can come close to, it is an easy choice for my fly fishing needs. From small delicate trout lines to heavy offshore fly fishing Airflo has a fly line to fit your needs. Tapered leaders are a way to simply your leader system and improve the way you cover the water column and Airflo makes the best. With a ton of fly lines to choose from Airflo's lines can be intimidating to choose from but the people at Airflo are first rate and are ready for any questions you may have about their lines. Using Airflo lines will not make you a world class caster but they will improve your ability and make your fly fishing more enjoyable.

Atsko Sno SealAtsko Sno-Seal (Click here to visit the Atsko Sno-Seal website) makes some of the greatest products I have ever found. Their Sport Wash is the only thing I use to wash my clothes in because it is nonabrasive and it is free of phosphates and with all the money I spend on clothes I need to take care of them. Sno-Seal is the best treatment for shoes, it is all natural and only preserves the investment. My hands took a ton of abuse by staying in water all the time but ProTech skin cream has changed all that. ProTech is a bees wax cream that seals my hands from the elements and allows them to heal. Give them a try, you won't regret it.

Blue Water DesignsBlue Water Designs (Click here to visit the Blue Water Designs website) makes the simple things better. With saltwater fly fishing you need to stretch your leaders to make them work better and Blue Water makes the best stretchers I have seen. Their Wire Leader stretcher is small and it holds a ton of pre tied wire leader flies ready to tackle those toothy creatures. With an arsenal of rod racks and holders Blue Water can help with outfitting your rod holder needs. Their deboners are the sharpest and smoothest I have had the  pleasure to use. When toothy creatures are near the swiveled wire leaders that Blue Water offers cannot be beat for their performance and ease of use.

Bomber luresBomber (Click here to visit the Bomber website) is one of greatest sponsors. One of my first bass lures was a Bomber minnow and I have never stopped using them since. Bomber Long A's are one of my staple baits that I never leave home without. I use a jerk bait year round and Bomber is my choice. With an action that is true to life and a body that can take the punishment that a bass fishermen can deliver they are the best value going. Bomber also makes crankbaits that run true and stay true. With solid molded in lips and great hook holders these baits are made to bring fish to the boat. Bomber makes stick baits that sink, suspend and float to cover all water conditions. Their crankbaits are offered in various depths to get down to where the big fish live. With color and sizes to match any fishing situation that you may encounter. Great baits that catch fish and hold on to them.

Calusa cast netsCalusa (Click here to visit the Calusa website) cast nets are the best money can buy. Cast nets are a way of life for me, I throw one almost everyday I fish. Bait fish are one of the best ways to ensure success and cast nets can save you a ton of money. Calusa offers cast nets from 6 foot to 12 foot wide and 1/4 inch to 1 1/8 inch mesh diameter. Nets come in two families the Calusa (the top of the line nets) and the Cracker (an affordable dependable net). Calusa nets open wider and faster than anything else and sink like a rocket. I have also noticed that Calusa nets do not harm bait like other nets I have used do. When I use bait I need it in top shape because poor bait is a waste of time. Calusa nets allow me to concentrate on fishing not on my bait.

Carry Lite decoysCarry Lite Decoys (Click here to visit the Carry Lite Decoys website) are some of the best decoys I have found. Being a waterfowler for over 20 has taught me a thing or two about decoys. Carry Lite decoys hold up and ride higher in the water than most of the more expensive decoys do. I have beat these and left them out and they really hold up. The keel on the water decoys is great because it will accommodate my Ace decoy anchors and is weighted correctly. Definitely worth the money to try them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Coyote Company leatherCoyote Leather (Click here to visit the Coyote Leather website) manufactures the highest quality leather lanyards made. For duck and goose hunters, the level of skill is rated by the number of bands on their lanyards and Coyote Leather makes the greatest display possible. The lanyard is made from high quality leather,  is doubled in the back for comfort on the neck and has a woven design that tapers to a point in the front. The lanyard is balanced and designed to hang down out of the way. Coyote Leather also makes custom holders that clip onto the lanyard at the center and one on each side. With handmade leather call clips that attach to lanyard clips it makes changing calls a breeze. I have used my lanyard for two hard seasons and it still looks new. Coyote Leather also makes game holders that are built to carry a days limit of birds. They offer a belt clip dove/quail holder, a duck sling and a goose sling. Slings allow birds to cool down and keep their feathers from pulling out and these game carriers are the best I have ever seen. Great leather with solid stitch work for the serious waterfowl hunter.

Crooked Horn OutfittersCrooked Horn Outfitters (Click here to visit the Crooked Horn Outfitters website) has been a company that I have kept my eye on for awhile. Hunting demands tough equipment but big game hunting demands the best equipment. I have chased game in all scenarios and I find that a quality pack allows me to carry all I need with minimal effort. After a conversation with Lennis Janzen, I realized that Crooked Horn was my kind of people. Being comfortable with gear that will hold up and perform as it is expected to are Crooked Horn's motto. Their Bino System is a must when you need to carry a set of binoculars for an extended time. The Bino System relieves neck strain and keeps them out of your way while you are doing other things. Their Trail Blazer 2000 pack is my day in day out pack that I never leave home with. Built in water bottle pockets, multi tool pockets and flashlight pockets are a few of the standard features that Crooked Horn builds into their products. In a sentence, Crooked Horn Outfitters are real hunters building real hunters gear!

Component Systems PaintComponent Systems (Click here to visit the Component Systems website) makes paints and painting supplies for the fishing industry. Creating and modifying tackle have been a necessity for me over the years and quality paint has always been hard to find. When I saw Component Systems powder paint I was hooked, I had never seen anything that worked that good with so little effort. For all my painting needs I look to Component Systems and their line of fine products. I have found no easier and simpler way to paint my jig than the powder paint made by Component Systems, give it a try for yourself you will be hooked to!

Do It MoldsDo-It Molds (Click here to visit the Do-It Molds website) makes the best sinker and jig molds in the industry. I have poured my own sinkers and accessories for years and I have used many molds with varying results until I began to use Do-It molds. Do-It molds are the easiest and most consistent mold that I have found and I really enjoy using their products. For my fishing I use sinkers and jigs on almost every trip and the cost can become hard to bear. Do-It molds allows me to create my own sinkers and jigs at a fraction of the cost yet with the same quality as I am accustomed to. For odd items, specialty weights or high numbers of jigs pour your own but don't settle for an inferior mold, use the best: Do-It molds.

Eagle Claw fish hooksEagle Claw (Click here to visit the Eagle Claw website) hooks have been my choice for over twenty years.

Since I began fishing Eagle Claw was my brand of choice. Eagle Claw makes hooks for everything from small trout to sturgeon with many styles of hooks for each species. Eagle Claw is now covering many of its hooks with a Teflon coating that makes them super slick. The Teflon coating allows the hooks to penetrate faster and deeper than conventional coatings. Circle hook usage has grown over the last ten years and Eagle Claw has kept up with the growth by offering sizes and styles that other companies are not manufacturing. Eagle Claw has also begin offering a wider variety of bass fishing hooks that work with some of the new tube and jerk baits that are available today. Wire diameter and wire strength have also been given a great deal of attention in recent development. This has led to a specialized line of hooks for spinning rods and light line. Eagle Claw makes the most consistent hooks in the business at the best price.

Frabill outdoor productsFrabill (Click here to visit the Frabill website) is a name that has been in fishing for many years. I fish with red worms most of the summer months and Frabill makes containers that keep my worm stock in perfect condition. Frabill has a full line of minnow buckets that will work for almost all conditions. One critical item used in bait fishing is a net, be it a bait net or a fish net. Frabill has your net needs covered with everything from bait needs to mega nets that could hold large tarpon. Drop by their website and look at all their fine products.

GLoomis rodsG Loomis (Click here to visit the GLoomis website) rods are, in my opinion, the best rods made. Gary Loomis has built the best rod company in America and their products are a reflection on their pride and commitment to Gary's dream. Everyone that picks up one of my GLoomis rods cannot believe the power and speed that these super light rods can produce. GLoomis makes over 400 rods and they cover everything that swims. There is no emphasis on one series of rods or on a particular style, the performance and technology are spread across all the rods. From their GL2 (an entry level rod ) to their GLX (the top of the line) all the rods are made with the best quality graphite available. With a lifetime warranty (against defects in workmanship and materials) you only purchase the rod once. Don't you owe it to the fish you chase to ensure their capture is humane and speedy by using the best gear? From a beginner to a cosmopolitan fisherman, GLoomis builds a rod for the serious fisherman.

Go-Devil (Click here to visit the Go-Devil website) boats and motors are the 4x4 of the boating industry. Go-Devil builds the best aluminum boat, in my opinion. Warren Cocco began Go-Devil in 1977 and has been growing strong ever since. It is easy to see his success because many other long tail motor manufactures have sprung up as of late. I have used a Go-Devil motor and boat for several years and when you need to go places there is nothing better than Go-Devil products. It may not get you there fast but it will get you there!

Haydel's Game CallsHaydel's (Click here to visit the Haydel's website) game calls are the beast "meat" calls made. From the first time I saw a clear plastic duck call made by Haydel's I knew they were different. Wood calls have always swelled and lost tune but my Haydel's calls are consistent because they cannot water log. With a tone that is deep and clear the Redleg call just soothes ducks into the decoys. With a loud and thunderous honk, the Blackfoot call has Canadians gliding in from a long way away. Predator hunting has always held a sweet spot in my heart and Haydel's makes calls that bring 'em in close and fast. Haydel's calls have never let me down or failed when I needed them, I wish the same for you.

Keep AliveKeep Alive (Click here to visit the Keep Alive website) pumps are a real life saver for minnows and other water baits. Most of my fishing revolves around bait and it has to be in top shape. Shad are very susceptible to ammonia poisoning and it is critical to have a good pump to provide high water flow. Keep Alive makes a pump that adds oxygen to the water as it is pumped into the tank. This allows you to use a single pump for water changes and increase water quality. With a multitude of accessories and kits they can help you outfit bait wells of any size. 

PetzlPetzl (Click here to visit the Petzl website) headlamps are made with the outdoorsman in mind. Simple, easy to use and light Petzl head lamps "shine" above all others. Hands-free lighting is a must and Petzl offers it in a package that works. For years I have fumbled in the dark with bulky cumbersome lights that gave off very little light, until Petzl. With a Petzl headlamp I use both my hands to carry gear and the light goes where I look. With a variety of designs and battery options there is one for everyone. With a very wide and comfortable head band system you almost forget the light is there and that is what you want in the woods. Let's face it, you got enough stuff to contend with in the woods why not eliminate fighting with your light?

Reactor watches logoReactor Watches (Click here to visit the Reactor Watches website) is a new sponsor that really is exciting. I met the president at ICAST and was blown away. The president made me feel like a real person and listened to my input. A great company that builds watches that hold up to the outdoor lifestyle with a bling factor that makes us all feel like ballers!

Rec (Click here to visit the Rec website) makes some of the best fishing guides! Rec's Recoil guides have redefined my fishing rods. By reducing the guide weight and creating a guide that is almost indestructible, my guides are no longer a concern. Some people think this is not such a big deal but imagine that you are on the trip of a lifetime and a ring inside your rod guide pops out (believe me it happens everyday!). You continue to fish with it and when you get the fish of a lifetime on the line breaks from rubbing against the guide. For me my guides are no longer a concern because Rec takes care of that for me!

RenzettiRenzetti (Click here to visit the Renzetti website) fly tying vises are the best made! Fly tying is a mandatory part of fly fishing, to me, and as my tying experience grew so did my demands of my equipment. I began with a cheap vise and quickly out grew it, this continued until I purchased a Renzetti vise. From that point on, there has been no other vise for me. Renzetti vises hold tighter than any other vise I have found. The adjustment of the vises are simple and straight forward. Renzetti's true rotary vises allow me to tie from any side of the hook and attach any material to the fly in a couple spins of the handle. I have never seen a company as quality oriented as Renzetti  and their products reflect this. Why use anything less than the best?


Rodwrap (Click here to visit the Rodwrap website) makes the best cork and rod protector I have found. I pay alot of money for my rods and I really hate getting the cork dirty and ugly. Rodwrap stops cork damage and protects my rods by enclosing them completely with a super grip material that really holds up. It also adds to my casting and hook setting ability by providing a solid grip that only gets better when wet. You spent the money for the rods, why not take care of them and keep them looking great? Try them, you will like them and need more, I did and I have never regretted it!

Tie Fast toolsTie Fast (Click here to visit the Tie Fast website) knot tools are the best knot tool I have found. How many times have you needed to tie a blood knot and you did not have a tool? Tie Fast makes a knot tool that is small, compact and really is easy to use. They also have an assortment of line clippers that are very sharp. Tie Fast has one of the best pair of collapsible scissors that I have found, they actually fit my large hands. With combo tools and zingers Tie Fast has  tools for all your fly fishing needs, check them out you won't be sorry.

Trojan batteriesTrojan Batteries (Click here to visit Trojan Batteries website) are my choice for serious battery power. Bass fishing demands hours of hard battery use and Trojan is up to the task. When I first saw a Trojan battery I was impressed with the four wing nut connection post and how tight the water port locked up. The real impressive part came when I began using them. For hours on end these batteries have held up and a few hours of charging and they are ready to go again. From golf cart batteries to marine cranking and trolling these people got the batteries for you. 

Wolverine Tackle split ringsWolverine Tackle Inc. (Click here to visit Wolverine Tackle Inc.'s website) triple ring split rings are the best I have found. My fishing trips take me around the world and I have to take gear that holds up. Wolverine Tackle's triple ring split rings are top notch. Most of my plugs have a single hook and usually the standard out of the box split rings are very weak, that is why I replace the standard rings with Wolverine Tackle's split rings. They hold up under pressure and they break at what they are rated for. When you need to replace or upgrade your split rings give Wolverine Tackle a try, they will not fail you!