Welcome to my web portal into my simple life.......

My Life

me duck huntingSince I was able to walk, I wanted to do anything outdoors.

From fishing to hunting I have tried it all and loved every minute of it. I have been very fortunate in my life because I have been able to do what I love!

My simple life as a licensed guide lets me show people a little of my world. I take so much for granted and I realize that most may not know what I do. Here is my chance to teach others and help them avoid some of the problems I have seen.

My Goal

clearly radioactiveThis website is dedicated to my love of the outdoors and my desire to teach others about the outdoors. With people supporting my passion, I have spent a lifetime perfecting tactics and techniques which I will pass along through this website.

If you don't see something, let me know and I will find it out for you!

My life is very simple: I can I will and there is nothing I cannot do! Teaching you only helps me understand it better. 

My Thoughts

Live the life you have imagined

"Simple ain't pretty but the elegance of it is timeless. Fashion follows function" Lynden Huggins

Website Updates

Hand operated predator squeaker call

Predator calling is a rush! This is my simple additon to a great call that allows me make this a hand operated call. This allows me to focus on the predator and use my hands to support the fire arms rather than hold the call. Click here to view the page

The rich history of waterfowl decoys

DOA DecoysJustin Sieverding of DOA Decoys sent me an article on the history of waterfowl decoys. As a builder of top notch decoys, DOA knows a thing or two about decoys. Click here to view the page

OPMOD P.A.C. 3.0 Personal Articles Carrier Bag 

Everybody needs a good carry bag and Optics Planet sure has a winner in their OPMOD P.A.C. 3.0 Personal Articles Carrier Bag. Sometimes I am pleasantly surprised when I get great quality at an affordable price. It's kick butt bag that you need! If you need to carry alot of gear and am tired of the Batman belt effect, give a should bag a try. Click here to read more 

Browning opmod folding knife

The fine people at Optics Planet sent me a Browning OPMOD folding knife. This is one sweet knife and I did my best to offer an honest unbiased review of this wicked blade. Click here to read more

haydel's candied carbon kwacker

Haydel's CK-2Haydel's Game Calls sent me a copuple of their carbon fiber candied calls for my testing and review. Click here to view my review of their call page

Bebe's Project page

Bebe's page was added. I do love my Suburban's and here is my 1991 project page. You know I gotta have me a jacked up 4x4 to haul me and my crew. Check it out. Click here to view the page

My Axe Info Page

I added a axe information page dedicated to what I know about axes and their uses. Axes are tools that we take for granted but I do love em! Click here to view the page

What's Happening

NC's Latest Bass Pro Shops in Now Open

Cary NC Grand OpeningNC's second BPS opens Wednesday 12-Feb-14. Read more here

Cary, NC / Bass Pro Shops 801 Bass Pro Lane (Formerly 1801 North Harrison Avenue)
Cary, NC 27513

NCWRC Feral Swine Season Established

Feral swineNC no longer has a wild hog season, it now has a feral swine season. To reduce the infestation they have even allowed night hunting. Read more here

Do Your Part to Protect Our Fisheries

Snakehead fishSnakehead fish are establishing their foot hold. Do you part and report any sitings of this invasive exotic. DO NOT RELEASE THEM!!!!!! Be a responsible fisherman and do your part. Here is a flyer from NCWRC that will help identify these pests. Learn the difference here

Thanks to All

king julianThanks for dropping by and send me an email if I can answer any questions. I hope my web insight into my simple little life helps you. MOVE IT!

My Random Stuff

Our 2nd AmendmentIn this crazy world we are tearing ourselves apart from the inside out. Do your part and speak out as others strive to take our freedom. It's not about owning a gun but more about out rights as citizens. Ruger and S&W have made it easy to reach your repressentatives. Click the links and send your voice to those who "represent us"
Click here to view Ruger's site
Click here to view S&W's site

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