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Federal Duck Stamp

The 2018-19 Federal Duck Stamp went on sale today, Friday, June 29. The stamps, which cost $25, are valid from July 1 through June 30, 2018. Duck stamps are a required annual purchase for waterfowl hunters 16 and older, and a current duck stamp grants the bearer free entrance into any national wildlife refuge that charges an entry fee.

NC Wildlife Commission Sets 2018-2019 Migratory Game Bird Seasons

NC has set the waterfowl dates and limits for the upcoming season. They increased the pintail limit to 2 and increased the Tundra swan permit numbers 

Invasive Species

The snakehead is yet another invasive species destroying the local ecosystems. It is unlawful to transport, purchase, possess or sell live snakehead in North Carolina. If you catch a snakehead, DO NOT RELEASE IT! Keep the fish, freeze it or place it on ice and contact your local wildlife commission

Look what I just got

My CMC hydraulic jack plate just came. I have one word "SEXY".  To me, CMC is the best on the market for these. I'll keep you posted on my installation and use of it

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