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Earth is your playground, get out and enjoy it


There is no right or wrong

We all see and do things differently and we all are right. Enjoying the outdoors is a true example of this life lesson. Here is my ideas on how I live with the planet not just on it

The Outdoor Expo



Here is my attempt at writing about my time outside

 *** More to come *** 

Tech Tips


I actually have some thoughts and tips that work, let me know if these help

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To many projects to list but here is are some of the high lights

 *** More to come *** 



With a large world to play in, I am trying to visit it all. Check out my trip log

 *** More to come *** 

Product Reviews


With a multitude of toys out there, someone has to evaluate some of them. Here are some of my reviews 

 *** More to come *** 

Cool Stuff


Here are some links and info that you need  to look at

 *** More to come ***  


Files coming soon.

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Lynden's simple little life