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In the pursuit of game every detail counts

Details make the difference

I have chased game across the country and I never stop learning. From small game to big game, hunting is about planning and preparation. These tips will help you understand your equipment and make it function better; thereby increasing your confidence in your ability. 

My Hunting Work Bench



Here is my attempt at writing about the pursuit of game

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Tech Tips


I actually have some thoughts and tips that work, let me know if these help

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To many projects to list but here is are some of the high lights

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With a large world to play in, I am trying to visit it all. Check out my trip log

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Product Reviews


With a multitude of toys out there, someone has to evaluate some of them. Here are some of my reviews 

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Cool Stuff


Here are some links and info that you need  to look at

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Files coming soon.

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Lynden's simple little life