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Fishing soothes the soul but perplexes the mind

 For a sport that relaxes us, it sure does seem like work. Everyday I learn something else about a species I pursue. The more I learn the more I realize that the little things make all the difference in the world. Here I will present things that will make you a better angler. Click on a topic below and read how preparation makes all the difference in the world. From bobber fishing to offshore trolling this will be your source for valuable info. Click on a topic on the left side to view the article. 

The Fish Market



Here is my attempt at fishing articles

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Tech Tips


Need some info? Here is where I keep my fishing info  (i.e., knots and such)



I am always tinkering on something. Here is where I will show some of my ideas and work in progress



I want to better document my trips and what I did. Here is where I will show that

Product Reviews


I am hard on gear and I will show my results here

Cool Stuff


There are just some things that you need to know about


Files coming soon.

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